No V Sound in Japanese Names

Japanese Names – The Sound For V Doesn’t Exist

In Japanese phonology, the sound for V doesn’t exist. The closest sound is F, which is pronounced hu in Japanese. This is why many Japanese people use -Kun for male and -Chan for female names.

Traditionally, men’s names often followed the zokumyo pattern, which reflected their numerical order in the family. Examples include Daigoro (big fifth son), Chozaburo (long third son), and Ryuzo (good first son).


The Hinoarashi is a small, bipedal Pokémon with bluish fur and cream-colored undersides. It has a long, thin snout and closed eyes. It resembles a baby honey badger, and its appearance is based on echidnas, shrews, and tenrecs. Its name is derived from the words cinder (referring to its ash-colored hairs) and quill, which may be a reference to Shan Huang yama-arashi, or porcupines.


In Japanese culture, the family name comes before the given name. This is very common for male names and can be seen in the naming of the samurai.

Yoko Ono is famous for her promotion of human rights and peace. Similarly, many Pokemon have Japanese family names, such as Togetic (Togechick) and Azelf (Agunomu). These have been romanized to make them easier for westerners to pronounce.


Ordile is a masculine given name. It is pronounced “o-ri-de-lee”. People with this name tend to be very compassionate and empathetic towards others. They have a strong sense of justice and are often drawn to social movements that fight for equality and human rights.

Palette suggests a few fancy text styles for this name. You can use these for your e-mails, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.


Pronounced oh-tay-chee, this Japanese name means “flying kite.” Those with the name Otachi are like lightning rods, attracting powerful ideas and intuitions. They have a deep well of knowledge and use it to benefit those around them.

Advanced Strength: Otachi’s colossal size allows her to trade blows with Jaegers and easily breach the public anti-kaiju shelter. She also has a prehensile tail tipped with trio of pincer claws.


Mew is a legendary Pokemon that is believed to be the ancestor of all Pokemon. It is capable of making itself invisible at will and can create orbs of pink, yellow, or green to protect it from harm during battle.

It is a very powerful Pokemon but has a low CP. It can be beaten by Pokemon with high CPs like Dragonite and Mega Medicham.


The Grass-type Chikorita is one of the three original Starter Pokemon in Gold, Silver, and Crystal. It is weak to Water, Ground, Fire, and Poison.

It uses the leaf on its head to sense temperature and humidity, and enjoys basking in warm places. It emits a soothing aroma when battling, which calms its foes.

It has four short legs with a single nailed toe on each. It resembles a sauropod dinosaur.


Despite being a mediocre Pokemon in competitive battles, Meganium has some solid defensive capabilities. It can use Aromatherapy to keep status effects off its team, while its Synthesis, Giga Drain, and Dragon Tail/Toxic provide good damage coverage options.

Its appearance is based on sauropod dinosaurs, particularly the Brachiosaurus. Its long neck resembles a flower, possibly drawing inspiration from geraniums. Its fragrance is known to soothe and calm people.

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